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  1. It seems like there is a hole or a gap. Actually the tab on the shield is almost twice as big
  2. Hey Guys Today I finally got my new B550 and I wanted to install it in an NZXT H510. I've installed the shield inside the case and tried to attach the mainboard. Unfortunately that didn't work. When I took a closer look to the I/O shield, I saw that there is a metal tab which looks a bit out of place. The other tabs can bend and the shield and the mainboard fit perfectly fine but the USB-C port tab doesn't seem to be "bendable". I tried to bend it in any way but either it blocks the USB Port above or the space between the shield and the mainboard is not tight enough. Has anyone here have the same board and can relate to that or did I do something wrong? Is it save to use a PC without an I/O shield? Any help is appreciated.