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  1. This was going to be my next question! Thank you so much man Will be getting my gpu soon then!
  2. Ah but I’ve already bought my 3700X and mobo, it was on a discount so i leapt.
  3. That's true, I live in Singapore as well so it's quite likely the launch here will be longer.
  4. I'll be getting a R7 3700X, 32GB DDR4-3600, 1TB NVME, 2TB HDD, 750W PSU 80+. I'm not sure if I intend on getting the 3080, maybe 3070 at most, I was told it'll probably be overkill and i could use the money for something else.
  5. Hello! So I’m planning on building a new PC and since there’s been so much news about the RTX 3000 I’ve been wondering if I should wait for it or buy the 2000 series now? For context, I initially wanted to get an RTX 2070 Super as I couldn’t afford the RTX 2080 Super, I thought if i get the 2070 first I could then save for the 3000 series, but I was told I would be wasting money with the 2070 Super and instead should go for the 2060 Super. But after looking at it I wanted to wait for the 3000 since it’s a few months away. I would be video editing, streaming and gaming on this PC. So my question is should I wait for the 3000 series? Is it worth it to get? (In relation to cost, the more the months go by the more I can afford). Should I just get a 2060/2070 Super? Maybe I should get the 2080 and not waste my money on the 3000 series? Should I get the 2060/2070 Super first and buy the 3000 or whatever is good a few years down the road? I’m also asking this now because apparently it’s been recommended for sellers to increase the price of the 2000 series as production for it has stopped. Please help me out! Thank you!