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  1. so the 16 is overall better than the 13? the 16 has a 9th gen i7 and 16GB RAM and 512GB storage and a 5300m 4GB GPU the 13 has a 10th gen i5 and 16GB of fast ram and 512GB
  2. so if i have the choice between the 13 and 16 and i want something that would last longer and something stronger which one out of the two should i pick up.
  3. thanks should i wait for ARMA or would the 16 be good or now and the next 2-3 years
  4. hi can someone help me pick between the base MacBook 16 and the 10th gen i5 MacBook 13. i would be coding and video editing. the price diff between the two is $280.99 i own a windows gaming pc that i can use if i need anything Windows or Linux Based I need a Mac for school and Work
  5. what is better a MacBook Pro 13 with an 8th gen i5 16Gb RAM and 256GB or a MacBook Pro 16 with 9th gen i7 and 16Gb RAM and 512GB and AMD 5300M 4GB GPU i would be using it for Coding school Light video editing and And Some light gaming like WoW or LOL the price dif is $800 usd between the 2 i currently own a MacBook Pro 13 2015 with a broken Screen that would cost me around $500-$600 to fix i would be using my PC when im home and or if i need windows. The only reason im not currently considering a Windows Laptop is because i won a Good Pc at home that is running windows 1o but i dont have anything thats running macOS. please tell me what you think and if you disagree with me picking up a Mac. Thanks in Advance!