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  1. Okay, cause I have a 3900x cpu but I dont really plan on overclocking it, thanks
  2. I have a SeaSonic FOCUS 750 W 80+ Gold PSU, and a asus tuf x570 mobo, the mobo has a 8 plus 4 pin eatx, will this PSU work,and if so what cord goes into those plugs?
  3. okay i thought it could go the other way around if the cpu was more than the gpu could take
  4. okay good, i heard that the 2070 would bottleneck because of how powerful the 3900x is
  5. I was wondering if the RTX 2070 (not super) was going to pair well with the 3900x or would the bottleneck be bad. I plan on gaming both recent and older games with highest settings on.
  6. yeah im going to use the nh-d15 cooler and the included thermal paste which spreads really well, so ill probably do a grain of rice
  7. I was wondering what the best method to apply thermal paste to the 3900x was. I have seen some say pea sized and others say the pea size is to small and to do the X shape instead.