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  1. its likely but its a waste not to try.
  2. you dont need the 1440p as the difference is negligible try to find your self 144Hz+ full hd monitor it should better choice for you.
  3. thats what i will try to do but unfortunately my pc have problems booting it
  4. No i dont i just need it to be working again... Unfortunately i can't initialize it as i get "a device which does not exist was specified" error. Cable is surely working becuase i replaced my old working hdd with this one to try it
  5. I have a problem with a seagate 3tb HDD from an old computer and it was not working so i tried on my pc "Replacing it in place on my hdd cables(so cables are 100% working)" and it gives me the same error "a device which does not exist was specified". Sometimes i would start the windows and its not showing in disk partition or in the mobo. And something very weird happens is that when i connect the HDD the computer boots significantly slower even its booting from an ssd which the computer can operate normaly without the hdd there but i want to get it working. "DiskPart Doesn't list the disk only Disk Management' Here are screenshots of " INFO&ERRORS" : https://prnt.sc/thzfc9 https://prnt.sc/ti04gc --------------------------------------------------------- I tried searching for answers online but i couldnt find anything """"""""ALSO MY PC IS NEW SO NO PROBLEMS WITH TYPE OF PARTITIONS OR 2TB+ STORAGE.