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  1. This seems to have fixed the issue (touch wood) so far. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks, I'm using my laptop currently, and have been for a few days. So I can just download all the stuff I need onto a USB from here. So, do I just format it in the machine, and then stick the USB in and install the drivers? I may sound a bit silly but im just making sure.
  3. My main hobby is 3D modelling and texturing, everything I've finished is backed up. And all my games are on my 5tb HDD, which I have removed. So I should be alright to just reformat. I will give it a try tomorrow when I have a chance to sift through all of my stuff on there. Although I suspect it's a hardware issue with either the mobo or PSU, it'll be fantastic if it is just an easily fixed issue like an issue with files on the SSD.
  4. Yeah, they were both up to date.
  5. One of them was in what they describe as "passive mode", which iirc means they're compatible with eachother.
  6. The only thing it logs is me force shutting down. The anti virus duplication was fine, it was like that for about a month before the issues began.
  7. And yeah, I forgot to add. There was no freezing issues prior to this.
  8. I can't remember the last thing I installed, I think it would've been Substance Painter (fully legitimate trial version from the official site)
  9. It wasn't ok offline, the issue was exactly the same. I suspect it may be a hardware fault, but I'm really not too sure.
  10. Actually, I suddenly remembered that I did try it offline a few days ago. The issue was still present.
  11. I haven't yet tried it offline, but I suspect the issue will persist. I will check this however. I use Malwarebytes and AVG.
  12. I completely took it apart and removed most of the dust, of which there was a fair amount. In terms of windows updates, its VERY out of date. For some reason, no matter what I do, it doesn't let me update at all. The regular method of just checking for updates always fails. So I then used the update assistant which then throws up an error saying that my PC isn't able to be updated to Windows 10 (despite running it already, albeit an outdated version). I regularly scan for viruses and other malware and there were no results.
  13. The internet connection just drops out of nowhere, I'm using an ethernet cable. Then when I go to exit to desktop, that's when it totally just freezes up.
  14. So, I built my PC 10 months ago, using all brand new parts. It was my first proper PC build. The specs are the following: Ryzen 5 3600 Sapphire Vega 56 16gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance (3200mhz) 1tb Crucial MX500 SSD Corsair CX650 ASUS B450-MA After using the PC for anywhere between 30-60 mins, it loses connection before then totally freezing up, and won't shutdown until I force shutdown by holding down the power button. I'm by no means an expert on PCs, but I do believe this is a hardware issue rather than a software issue. I've tried booting from a USB into Linux and I have the same issue. The issue happens irrespective of what I'm doing, I could be just browsing and it'd still freeze up, it doesn't seem to just be crashing under heavy loads. Any help would be hugely appreciated, my PC was really helping me through lockdown. Thanks!