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  1. Thank you so much, i will look into it
  2. Thank you a lot, i will see if can find something do you know what wats i should get? Like is 1000w enough for fridge,tv,etc etc...? Or just go for a 2500?
  3. So what does that mean? I need to buy one that is pure sine wave?
  4. Hi! First time here and i really dont know if its the right place :// if not im sorry but the case is that i have a pc and a ps4 in my car(i live in my car yes) and when i connect them a whining noise comes from Them, is like coil whine but not, my inverter is a invatec pm 2500 12, i have tried my ps4 in my dad car and all works PERFECT no whine nothing, so my question is, is my inverter just shit? Or is it bc its only 50hz one? Should i buy a 60hz one instead? Please help :))