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  1. My work shipped me my 34 inch curved monitor from the office so I can work from home. However the monitor got damaged while shipping. See the image below. https://i.imgur.com/S6CEzpA.jpg Here is the amazon link for it. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-UltraSharp-34-Inch-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B00PXYRMPE The monitor has no phyiscal cracks when touching it. It only shows that when it is powered on. When I plug it in, no image appears in the back. Also My workplace is shipping me another monitor is is allowing me to do whatever I want with the old damaged monitor. Seeing that this is a $600 monitor, I figured I should try fixing it. I would say I am pretty good with tech in general. I work as a sysadmin. I just never had the chance to do any monitor repairing. Would this be something where I would be able to somewhat easily repair it? Does anyone have any place I can start looking to find out how to repair it?