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  1. I've actually found something for free which does the job of a standalone volume and mix control. A phone app called PCVolumeControl links with the PC over your network and has controls for each running program as well as a master control. Job done, thanks to everyone for the info though.
  2. I still want the manual volume control really. Having to pause things to move a software slider if things get a bit quiet (getting old and hearing not what it used to be) is annoying
  3. Thanks for the replies. Looks like my best option is to go for something that has the hardware inputs I need then use a software solution for the game/chat mix
  4. Hi All, New to the forum and hope you can help me. I am fairly new to the revelation of semi decent audio and have recently purchased a separate headphone and mic setup. I had previously been using a Steelseries Arctis 7 gaming headset which I found got quite heavy after a couple hours of use. However, it had some functions that I liked and am unable to do with my current setup. Firstly the audio automatically switched between speakers and headset when the headset was turned on/off and secondly it had a separate game/chat control as well as onboard main volume. I mainly use the headphones when gaming with others and revert to speakers when playing solo. This often means I have to go into various game/discord/windows audio settings to get things back to usable levels after switching. I would like to get a dac or amp that would have the following functionality: USB input from PC Mic input Outputs to headphones and speakers with easy switching between the two Volume control Game/chat mix control I have looked at the Astro Mixamp pro but not sure if it can easily switch between headphone and speaker audio. Also the some of the reviews aren't spectacular. I'm not an audiophile but I am lazy, and getting annoyed with switching between two configs. Cheers