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  1. Other people sah my CPU cant handle it... i can try?
  2. Im using a Aprus B450 Elite motherboard and my cpu is being watercooled.. i dont know much about PCs yet. This is my first build
  3. I have 2x8GB 3600MHz Ram but both are only running at 2360MHz in the bios. When i enable XMP i get a blue screen... Ive set the DRAM voltage to 1.35V like they said to on another post but it didnt work. Still have a blue screen. ive put XMP off so that i can use my pc but im only getting 60% of my moneys worth in terms of RAM... any help?
  4. So i recently built my new pc with a Ryzen 5 1600. I installed MSI afterburner to check if my hardware is running fine. The Ryzen 5 1600 has a base clock of 3.2GHz and boost clock of 3.6 GHz. For some reason my cpu is running at 3.7 GHz and i didnt even set anything! Its running pretty cool at 37 degrees. Why is my cpu overclocking itself and when does it start becoming dangerous to my cpu?
  5. So i just built my pc and hooked it up to a dual monitor setup. One monitor being display port and the other being HDMI. Shut it down, go to bed, and the next morning when i put it on it wont boot. It wont even enter the bios, on both monitors. After some teoubleshooting I discovered that the Display cable is the issue. When i plug it out and turn on my pc it boots fine. what do i do? According to this video the display cable is literally feeding the motherboard power and thats causing it to not boot. How do i fix this?
  6. Thanks. I really just hope it wont affect the board negatively in the long run...
  7. So you suspect its only the header? So i have nothing to worry about?
  8. So i was playing around with the RGB on my motherboard and accidentally shorted the LED_CPU header. A mini explosion with smoke cane out and my heart almost stopped. My motherboard still works fine after the short and i just used another header, it worked fine... my question is, could i have fried my CPU, and is it a good sign that my pc didnt shut off and kept working? Ryzen 5 1600 16GB 3600mhz RAM RX 5600 XT Aorus B450 Elite