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  1. 2000 would be for everything on the boat, that is just an absolute max. I'm hoping to stick to <100w at idle, 5-600w max power, but less is best in my case. Would 400w be capable of running a system with 2 video cards and multi users? Video cards don't have to be super powerful (1080/60) I know my current laptop maxes @ 180w. so I have to assume this is possible Edit: Looking at the item linked. it is limited to 16v. "16V-30V wide range voltage input support, 6 layer 2oz copper PCB" seems designed for a 24v system.
  2. Budget (including currency): $5k USD (or 2 equivalent gaming laptops) Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Medium Duty Gaming. No need for 4k. 60fps 1080 is fine. Light Video Editing. Other details Here's the fun part: My wife and I live on a small sailboat. I have a dream of building a single hard mounted PC that both she and I can game on as separate users similar to the "6 Editor 1 CPU" build Obvously $100000k is out of the budget range, but this is the idea. Input devices/Monitors may be anywhere from 2-20ft cable runs from the system. Power is a concern, I can run 110v power but am limited to 2000w when on my batteries, so extreme power efficiency/low power standby would be needed. Super Bonus, is there any way this can be run on a 12v system?