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  1. Hey everyone, I am currently planning on a new build that will utilize the new MSI MPG Z490 CARBON EK paired with 6 LL120 Corsair RGB fans. My question is these fans come with an rgb hub and corsair lighting node pro. However, the MSI motherboard has a dedicated Corsair rgb header. Do I need the lighting pro or will the rgb cord from the rgb hub to the motherboard be sufficient? Any help would be great, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm having trouble in deciding on my next steps in a gaming monitor. I am currently gaming on a samsung 4k 60Hz monitor with a 1070, 7700k with 32G of ram and I generally play titles such as Modern Warfare and Siege. I am finally at a point to where I am looking at a major upgrade. I plan to purchase a new build consisting of a 2080 TI along with a 10900k I9 with 64G, 3200 ram on an Asus Maximus Formula XII Motherboard. With this big upgrade in performance I am currently looking at a new monitor as 60Hz is no longer satisfying. I am looking towards the new samsung odyssey G7 1440p 240Hz monitor. My question is will I significantly notice the downgrade from 2160 to 1440 or will the G7 along with 240Hz refresh rate be a worthy upgrade? P.S. i was never able to run modern warfare at true 4k. Only 2160 resolution with resolution scaling down to 1440. I was able to play siege at 2160 Ultra but had to have V-Sync on as the screen tearing was much too noticeable when frame rates peaked over 60.