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  1. Gotcha, I think I can manage for a couple months. But is my ram bad?
  2. Ryzen master measures ram speed weird btw
  3. So wait for zen 3 then buy the ryzen 5 3600?
  4. Well on Amazon I can get one for 171 dollars
  5. I was eyeing the ryzen 5 3600 as an upgrade.
  6. Actually I was able to run it at CL 16 at 3200
  7. Okay I'll put it back to stock then. But my main worry was that my GPU wasn't enough cause I just bought it like 1month ago.
  8. Its CL is 16 and its 2 sticks both 4gb
  9. I have the sapphire pulse as well
  10. For a cpu upgrade budget nothing above $160 usd. And its stock is 2666 but I have it running at 3200. The ram is dual 4gb
  11. The ram is 2666 but I have it at 3200
  12. My goal is too game at 60fps at 1080p but my current setup can't get that. I believe my CPU is bottle necking my GPU but I don't know what cpu would be best to upgrade too if it is my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Comp specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g GPU: AMD 5600xt 6gb Ram: 8gb 2or MB: gigabyte b450m ds3h PSU: seasonic 500wat SSD: 1TB SP m.2