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  1. No Bud ,its not placebo , before i did it boot time was very slow but now it boots faster ,i didn't measure it but it is faster,I didnt think it would make it faster or else i would have measured it!
  2. I opened up my laptop, just because and i changed the 8GB RAM stick ( DDR4 ),into another memory slot ( I thought why not,let's see what happens) and now my laptop boots faster and loads apps faster. Can anyone explain why ? PS: I have a HP laptop with 1TB HDD core i5, Radeon Graphics and 8GB RAM (only one stick DDR4)
  3. It's for upgrading the Graphics card,if at all I need to upgrade anything else ,Please suggest.
  4. I have a Old PC,with a i3 530 processor,4 GB ram,250 GB Hard Drive So I was wishing if anyone can chip in some ideas to make it gaming ready The game I play is Rainbow Six Siege ,I want it to be at 1080p High and 60 FPS and its also better if the graphics card is also future proof somewhat if i do build a new pc my budget for the upgrade is 100 $ ,cheers,Thanks