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  1. @TofuHaroto, the B450 Tomahawk Max is sold out almost everywhere I look, would the MSI B450-A pro max be a good alternative?
  2. I am only upgrading my CPU, Motherboard, and RAM. @TofuHaroto
  3. As of right now, a 3700x costs 269.99 at my local Microcenter. For the whole upgrade, but there are lots of extremely good deals that I have been finding in my area lately. @TofuHaroto
  4. Around 400-500 dollars, and I'm planning on using the PC for gaming and some recording/streaming, and light content creation.
  5. I have had a really old and slow computer for quite a while, and have recently gotten the opportunity to upgrade my processor and motherboard. I have landed on the 3700x, and am unsure of which motherboard to get. I was planning on getting one of the CPU/Motherboard bundles at the Microcenter nearest to me, but I'm not sure if they would be good. Keep in mind that I am willing to go for a different Motherboard if those two are terrible. I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to Motherboards. Thanks for your input! The two motherboards: ASUS B450M-A/CSM Prime ASUS B450M-A/CSM Prime AMD AM4 mATX Motherboard (I don't need a new GPU, as I upgraded that a while ago, so it's pretty decent.)