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  1. Thats good But i still need to download the chipset drivers
  2. Msi x 470 gaming max and what does chipset mean like ryzen 5 3600?
  3. Can you please send the link for this thank you
  4. i was looking in ryzen master and their is a green button that says oc does that mean my cpu is overclocked because i dont want it overlclocked my cpu is at 4.10 ghz at idle
  5. seasonic focus gm 650 something like that i can never remember the name
  6. Ok thank you and will a 650 psw be good enough
  7. I wanted to get the rtx 3070 when it comes out and i wanted to know if a ryzen 5 3600 cpu will bottleneck or be ok
  8. If vsync wasnt on then i would get stuttering
  9. Well even in other games i have bad performance and vsync is on all the time
  10. I am going to send my gigbyte rx 5700 xt for a rma and im waiting on approval but in the meantime I decided to play some destiny 2 and i was getting 60 fps at the tower and when not at the tower i was getting 85-90 barely 100 and then i was thinking what if my cpu is defective also i have xmp on someone please help me out my specs are gigabyte rx 5700 xt ryzen 5 3600 ripjaws 2x8gb 3600mhz 16 msi x470 gaming plus max at newest bios seasonic 650 gm Psu 1tb hdd 256gb m.2
  11. Will they give me a new one if they cant fix it
  12. What if i rma it and it still comes back defective or do you think ill get a new one
  13. My temps are fine idle i get 45 to 50 because its very hot where i live and gaming temps 65-70 and i already tried making a custom fan curve with msi but it doesn't help
  14. Whenever i game for a few minutes and then check hwinfo it says my maximum rpm was 4000 or 4500 and theirs no reason for it i don't overclock i re-downloaded drivers after uninstalling with DDU i have a rx 5700 xt gigabyte gaming oc and i can’t return it because im past my return policy and i don’t want to send it for a rma because ive read that gigabyte is not good with their rma please help me out
  15. So if it doesnt hit those temps im fine and also i scored a 3532 on cinebench
  16. Ok mine almost never hits 80 but if i were to run cinebench r20 with my ryzen 5 3600 what should be a good score
  17. How do I find out if my ryzen 5 3600 is thermal throttling
  18. Ok thanks and another question i have is that is turning game boost on in bios worth it or will it shorten my cpus life
  19. Today i looked in hwinfo underneath the chipset for my motherboard and it says low power promontory is this normal i have a msi gaming x470 max