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  1. Does anyone have examples of this? I do not want it to look odd with 2 monitors one curved
  2. I have a 4K flat Pannel and I want to get a gaming monitor to put next to it, would it look weird to have a flat next to a curve monitor
  3. Jacob_S

    Monitor Help

    Has anyone purchased a VIOTEK GFT27DB 27" or a Viotek GN27D 27"? I just want to make sure the brand is reliable. Thanks!
  4. Jacob_S

    New Monitor

    Thanks I will take a look!
  5. My personal favorite is the Corsair 1000d, if price doesn’t matter to you.
  6. What makes a case “best” is suggestive . Some people value cable management, some people want a PSU shroud, some want type c io. What case is best is very suggestive. Some more info about what you want would help!
  7. For the second and third year plans I would get 3200 speed, if not 3600. AMD loves higher speed ram way more than intel.
  8. I am not sure what the PC would be used for, but amd benefits from higher memory. I would recommend at least 3200
  9. Under my gpu i have 4 open brackets, is there anyway I can have a monitor screw into the slot and alight with the end of my gpu?
  10. If you believe everything is wired right, and icue is up to date I would reach out to corsair and see if they can help. In my experience they will respond within a 2-7 days. If I think of anything else I would reach out, sorry I could not be a bigger help.
  11. I am looking to add a small stats monitor inside my case. I do not want to have an hdmi coming out of the back of the pc. If I connect a usb to hdmi converter into my nzxt usb would the graphics show on the new display or does it have to come from the gpu?
  12. I would check for updates in icue, make sure you tell icue the number of fans you have, and if you have added fans recently I would make sure the profile you have it set to includes all the fans in your setup.
  13. For the cpu I would consider getting the ryzen 5 3600, only $40 more