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  1. Thank you once again. I was always interested in changing to AMD, but prices vs quality of desktop videocard was always a down, making me opting for nvidia + intel. I also have been reading a lot post’s that suporte your statement. Maibe this is it! Finally I will return to Amd! I will check your laptop. And about the SSD 250Gb external disk? Any tought about it?
  2. Thank you for your reply, kind sir. Hmmm ryzen, never had one. Will I notice any difference from an intel? Not that I haven’t preference, but I’m eager to try.
  3. Greetings, I'm new at the forum, but I think this is the right place to ask for help, so if possible, share your knowledge with me, pleaseeee. At September of 2020, I will get into university and start studying English and North American Study's, so... I imagine that I will have to spend entire days at school studying. For that to happen, I will require a laptop enough for my needs and at max budget of €1000. I'm a gamer, but I sold my desktop (tired of spending money in videocards) and now I use a PS4. So the laptop, will be mainly for work and to connect to my Lg TV 4k to watch anime, but it doesn't hurt if I can manage to play my old command and conquer game's on it. So, to summarise: Buying laptop between August and September Budget €1000 Preferably 15" (if possible) Resolution 1080p Able to connect to an Lg TV 4k by HDMI Able to run command and conquer Red Alert 3 SSD at least 500gb Possible durability of 3 years at least Good battery life at least 3 USB ports (if possible) Also, if possible, I also need a good external SSD disk of 250gb, middle range, to storage additional data. Thank you for your time and I wait with great enthusiasm for your replys. Arc trooper... out.