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  1. What do you say about these psus rm650x corsair 80+gold , tx750m 80+gold, hx850i ? @TofuHaroto
  2. For now will it work ? With the i5 10600k? @TofuHaroto
  3. https://www.njoy.ro/PSU/titan-5001 @TofuHaroto
  4. It’s njoy psu .It came with the Vanguard case you can look them up in their site .I bought a pre built yes.. https://www.njoy.ro
  5. Will my 500w psu be able to support a i5 10600k, gtx 1660 gaming oc windforce 3x and a aorus elite ac mobo eith 8gbs of ram?
  6. @Samfisher so you're saying that i should switch to amd?
  7. Thanks it really helped. I was thinking that someone is gonna say to switch to amd again lol.
  8. I recently decided to upgrade to a i5 10600k and the aorus elite ac motherboard, but seeing that the cpu can only handle 2666mhz was a heartbreaker. I would to upgrade my ram in the future too, to a 3200 mhz cl16 trident z rgb. What cpu do you guys recommend (for gaming) that can support 3200mhz? Is it worth it tho just for the 3200mhz and not 2660mhz?
  9. Well the elite ac looks better imo, has more usb ports and doesn't have the old port for old peripherals.idk how its called @TofuHaroto The tomahawk has type c tho . Does type c help with anything?
  10. Tomahawk z490? @TofuHaroto + the elite ac looks better
  11. Yes, because one of them is an official expert builder etc that has his own company. Not for the board alone, board+ cpu @TofuHaroto
  12. I'd prefer a motherboard with some m.2 slots @TofuHaroto
  13. 454 euros. And it's not about the brand, i just asked and it was about the sync capabilities . z490 aorus elite ac. And no I can't wait for zen 3 because the guy who builds my pc and everyone i know does not recommend amd at all. And I saw that i5 10600k is the best choice atm @TofuHaroto
  14. I want to upgrade my i5 7400 to a i5 10600k and with a new motherboard. I'd prefer one from aorus since my gpu is from gigabyte and I would probably have the sync option if i'd get a aorus motherboard. But is it worth getting an aorus one instead of msi or something else? Can i still sync the rgb if the motherboard is msi or a different brand other than aorus? (specs: gtx 1660 gaming oc windforce edition, i5 7400, 8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz but my current motherboard msi h110m pro-vd supports only 2133mhz)
  15. Is it really worth it tho waiting for zen 3 than upgrade now? @TofuHaroto. Cuz I wanted to play warzone but my game just wouldn't work and move in pictures with very very rarely 20 fps when I can understand where I am( all settings on low).+ gta v 40fps :/. I'd rather upgrade now and have good quality than waiting for the zen 3, because I'm expecting for the zen 3 to be more or around the same price as 10th gen intel cpus (i5 10600k i7 10700k and i9 10900k) and they're expensive af.