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  1. Nothing new so far, run some memetests with xmp off and on at 3.6ghz no errors. Im starting to think that the crashes are due to the high frequency and not the ram itself, if that is the case i'll just leave them like that, the cost to performance is very small.
  2. Small update, just swapped my 9600k for the 9700k, run some benchmarks all fine (xmp off) restarted enabled xmp at 4ghz, pc posted run benchmark bsod... pc wouldn't post, after a while went to safe mode and then i switched xvm settings to 3600mhz pc posted fine no errors so far, unfortunately that stupid ccleaner had a scheduled cleanup to do when i booted and deleted the dmp files, will monitor and update.
  3. I already dropped the speed to 3.6 ghz
  4. Ram was tested in 3 different systems with no problems, its not the ram.
  5. I had 1 bsod since my last clean installation, still haven't installed the lan driver not manually at least i dont know if windows have downloaded and installed one automatically, some guy in windows forums said my ram was working at too high frequencies for my cpu to handle so i changed the xmp profile from 4ghz to 3.6 and i am now monitoring it, strange thing is last night my pc froze when i was looking something up at google maps street view and rebooted by itself but i had no bsod or any new dmp file. Generally every bsod i ever had was in explorer or firefox or some media player never in game, i also did a stress test on my cpu yesterday and run a memtest from bios and no errors in both cpu or ram. The gpu is already a year plus old and i never had any issues with it in my previous pc i also stressed it for hours in furmark and never had an issue, never had a bsod in any game either...
  6. No no really because i am gonna swap my 9600k for a 9700k next week.
  7. Hello guys i really need some help here. About six months ago i build a new pc that had trouble posting with both ram modules on, turns out the mobe had some issues so it was replaced with a new one, all was fine after that until one day my pc started acting up again with random bsods and random error messages, since then i have stress tested everything without a single hitch, countless hours in furmark and memtest and everything is solid, the only time i will get a bsod is during internet or windows brosing or when watching a move/video or when i have a movie/video running in the background. I suspected my motherboard's upgrade software had something to do with this cause i noticed that the drivers listed (chipset, audio etc) as last versions were in fact older than the versions listed in the asus website. So i did a clean windows installation but didn't install asus software, instead i manually downloaded the latest drivers and installed them myself, although for some reason every time i try to install the lan drivers nothing is happening i click and click and click again on the setup icon but nothing starts. Anyway about a week after the new installation lo and behold bsod again.. I am really at a loss here and i could use some help, below are my system specs and the onedrive link to the dmp and memory dmp files. Motherboard: Asus z390 f gaming Cpu: Intel Core I59600k Ram: Hyperx 16gb HX440C19PB3AK2/16 Main drive: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB Gpu: Asus rtx 2070 08G psu: COOLERMASTER G750M here is the link to the dmp files: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArnDcEUhe5dMaaQuVehjW4QMsRA?e=tV5dPw