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  1. Yeah thats exactly what I did last night. Set a deadline of Aug 31st or I'd expect a full refund. Received a reply shortly after confirming that they understood and would have the build done by that date. If its not, regardless of whether or not I get the refund, I'll name and shame. Appreciate the kick up the rear end from folk calling me a fool, rightly so. Check back in a month for the gory details.
  2. Unfortunately not. Im in the UK, company in question is the otherside of the world.
  3. I received a couple fo pictures early on (2014/2015) of work on the case mods, however this was scrapped and started again from scratch after a set back in the company. More recently I have received a picture of the paint work on the side panel. The concensus of opinion is pretty obvious. Guess i just needed to be told I was being an idiot letting this go on for so long. Ill put a 30 day time limit on completion and if I get nothing by then I'll push for getting my money back.
  4. Thanks for the replys so far. Guess i should have included in the original post: The hardware for the build has been kept up to date, selling old parts and buying new ones at no extra cost to me. As per an agreement after the original set backs. That along with the custom paint, water cooling etc means I'm still getting the same value as i would have 6 years ago. Thats pretty much the only reason I've shown the patience that I have. Specs as of last "upgrade" were: CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K. Motherboard: Asus Maximus Code XI Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32GB. Graphics: RTX 2080 SLI. SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 500GB. HDD: Western Digital Black 2TB. PSU: Corsair AX1200i.
  5. New to the forum so forgive me if this should be posted elsewhere. This involves a company who's products LTT have used and reviewed a fair bit, the company is quite small in the grand scheme of things and I think what they do is pretty amazing. So I won't mention the company by name as I don't want to bad mouth them publicly. I ordered and paid for a custom system and have yet to receive the finished build from the company. I have now been waiting over 6 years... I have dozens of emails dating back over the years, asking for updates and progress. With the exception of a couple of genuine set backs, i now only get back the same points of progress repeating every few months with little to no evidence. This was my first time dealing with a company like this, so I'm really not sure how to deal with the problem. Continue to wait and hope i get my hands on the finished build someday or ask for a full refund and risk p*ssing them off if work and time has been put into it? If anyone has any advice at all that could help me i'd appreciate it greatly. Happy to provide more details if necessary.