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  1. Little update: Witch HDMI cable, i restarted itself again only once in 3 hours. I really don't know the cause of it. Any help?
  2. Tried HDMI Cable, i think works fine. So do DisplayPort cable restarts monitor?
  3. Hey thanks for answer, i did not try any other power cable as it has a power block but i sent to ASUS they sould've tried it right? I did not try any other socket as it has only one Display port. Should i use HDMI? but i want to use it @280hz.
  4. Hey, first of all thanks for your help! My monitor model: ASUS VG259QM My Problem: While playing games or watching Twitch, monitor restarts itself as i see ASUS logo after restart. I did sent monitor to asus and they said there's not problem as they did prolonged tests. But when i'm using it, playing CS:GO or Valorant i see random restarts and it's worst thing can happen while playing an competetive match. I used voltage regulator and did not see any issues. I used my TV as monitor, nothing like that happened @4k 60hz with HDMI cable. I'm using VG259QM @ 280hz OD: 80 with a display port cable. My PC Specs: OS: Windows 10 Display Card: RTX 2070S Ram: 32GB Proccesor: Intel i7 9700K Motherboard: Msi Z370m Mortar