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  1. So these are my specs. Ryzen 7 3700x Rx570 8gb TridentZ 3200mhz ram 500w psu Montech air x argb case - https://www.amazon.com/Montech-Air-ARGB-Mid-Tower-Pre-Installed/dp/B084Q8PHPW Bios - F50(Latest) Ok so I need help with the rgb fans, i cant seem to change their colors since they wont pop up on any software like asus aura sync and yes i installed the gigabyte app center. I get the lights to turn on yet they just spin rainbow which is ugly. I plugged a 4 pin connector coming from the rgb panel into my mobo fan header. Is that wrong? I dont know what to do with the molex since i dont think my mobo supports that or vgb or whatever its called. Plus theres a led sw on the fpl ( front panel connector) that should be in but i havent tried that yet unless i unplug the reset sw. I ask anyone for help, thanks!