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  1. Yes I assume the fan will have to spin at more speed making it louder. Thanks for the comment!!
  2. Hello there, so I was watching several reviews for diferent brands of same graphics cards, but I could not find any about the 1650 super OC MINI from Gygabyte. https://www.gigabyte.com/ar/Graphics-Card/GV-N165SOC-4GD#kf Thing is, I just found a store that has this 1650 OC super , cheaper than any 1650 NON super from any other store. Besides being MINI, it is still better than a regular 1650 right? I want to make sure I expend my money well. Thank you all!
  3. Thanks for helping me decide my new config.
  4. I understand. Thanks for your time. So I wasnt so off when I considered the 3400G for my son (video cards here are insanely high). Rounding up my config. Let's say I go with the 3200g (most cheap available at 122usd), isnt that one slower than the 9100f at 84usd? Understanding that upgrading the intel one in the future would requiere to get a new MB, is hard to not choose a cheaper CPU with better performance right? And more importantly, would I keep bottenecking my RX580 with a 3200g?
  5. That is interesting, any Ryzen will be upgradable with the same MB in the future? Im updating my son's pc aswell, thing is he dont get a GPU So I had already in mind for him a 3400G with vega 11 with B450 MB (total 312usd) Since for example a GT1030 is 156usd I though the vega11 was a good option and a considerable update from what he is currently using (only plays LOL and that kind of stuff). Also in the future I could just throw a GPU in there and update him for a couple years more. Im bummed out that we dont get all CPU options available, that's why I was going for the 9100f myself.
  6. Im all the way down in Argentina Prices are expected to be higher that you would find in amazon or those sites (we cant buy from those sites). Plus we dont always have stock, like in these case with the 3100 and 3300x
  7. Ok guys, so we dont have those CPU available. First of all thanks for helping me choose a new system. We have 3200G at 122usd 3400G at 177usd ish 2600 at 187usd 3600 at 250usd As a reference the B450pro4 is 145usd I understand those are better options but currently way above the total price 183usd for the intel + B350. Hacing these prices in mind would you still consider the 9100f or that one is completely of the table?
  8. I3-9100F is currently 84usd The two motherboards are 88usd and 95usd the B365 Could you suggest other CPU/MB option so I can see the prices and if there is any in stock in our market? Thanks ps. I dont mind Intel or AMD
  9. Hello, So I was running a G4560 with a RX580 in a Asus Prime H110M-P. My CPU was bottlenecking so I decided to try and sell it, and incredible I sold the CPU and MB in 2 hours. I want to buy the i3-9100f because for the price here in my country, is my best choice and a considerable upgrade from my old CPU. Im not sure what to pair it with, can you help me? My two options here seems to be H310M-E or B365M-A. Im looking at ASUS since it has better prices here and the difference between these two models is not much, so I want the best one. Will any of this match with 9100f? I DDR4 2400 mhz so I assume this will not be a problem for any motherboard choice. Thanks in advance. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-H310M-E/ https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-B365M-A/
  10. Thanks, And what about the ram? Will actually more ram in dual channel help the processor?
  11. Hello all, Im running a G4560 on a Asus Prime H110-P. Recently I installed an RX580 and my cpu is bottlenecking. I understand it's very difficult (if not impossible) to overclock this CPU. But maybe someone here knows if this can be done? Thank you, Ps. Also, I have 8gb ram on single channel, if I add 8 more in dual channel will these help the processor keep up with the GPU somehow? G4560 https://www.intel.la/content/www/xl/es/products/processors/pentium/g4560.html Asus Prime H110-P https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-H110M-P/