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  1. Hello everyone: So I built this desktop myself about a month ago. 3900X + Sapphire 5700XT. X570 pro wifi aorus. It worked without any problem for the first two weeks. Then it started to randomly shut down while I was gaming. Fans stopped and Graphics Card RGB shut down, but all other RGBs stayed lit (AIO RGB, Fans). If you wait a few seconds, it would restart by itself (fans kick back and GPU light up). I thought it was due to over-heat on GPU, some sort of self-protection. But my Phanteks 600s has pretty good cooling and I checked the GPU was only over 55 degree Celsius during gaming. At the start, this would only happen once a week, but now it happens every time I turn on my desktop. At worst case, it would happen when I have just had the computer on for 10 minutes and browsing webs. Windows never reported any error code and I have also kept the Radeon driver up to date. My mb BIOS is also up to date. Any idea how this is happening? Any tips are welcome. Thanks