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  1. Looking for a 24'' 1080p monitor for my first pc setup I will be building next week. I have been researching it for a few days, but a lot of monitors aren't available where I live (Ireland). My only option is Amazon UK and most the time the monitors there are OOS. I have had my eye on the AOC 24G2, but want to see what you guys think would be a good budget option. I am hoping to spend around £/€ 200 if possible. Thanks
  2. Oh sorry forgot to mention it, around 200 £/€ if possible. I had my eyes on an MSI OPTIX, but sadly its OOS now.
  3. Looking for a 144hz IPS 24 inch 1080p monitor that will go with my first gaming pc build. Preferably around the 200 mark but if it's really worth it I am willing to spend a bit more. Thanks
  4. Yeah I understand that, well the games I will be mostly playing are siege, csgo, apex and mordhau, maybe gta v. I know Mordhau is very CPU intensive. Regarding rhe GPU, I understand what you are saying but I think I was getting a little bit ahead of myself, I am trying to save more rather than spend a bit more, and from benchmark videos. The R5 3600/1660 SUPER are more than sufficient for the games I will be playing even at high/ultra quality. With the SSD. Do you mean buying something such as the Crucial P1 NVME M.2 500GB SSD? That is the one I had in before but swapped it out to save a bit more. On this PC I wont be doing alot of productivity. It will be mainly gaming, while listening to Spotify. Also occasional browing or Netflix..therefore is it really neccesary? I might consider it but as I said before I am trying to save. I was looking at other cases I could get from around 60-70 that would be mAtx cases such as the MB320L etc, but more than likely most of those cases will require extra fans. Therefore the P400A seemed perfect since it has 3 pre-installed fans therefore I won't need any others. But if you do know of any good mAtx cases that have 3 fans or just good airlfow in general please let me know. Thanks
  5. Yeah, I was thinking of the 3300x but will it be future proof? Since most upcoming games will need more cores right? I am considering the 5600xt, it's only 30 more and honestly from watching benchmarks etc, I think it could be worth it. I will need to downgrade something else to be able to fit that in though. Regarding the SSD, will it make a dramatic difference? I don't care much about speed if I can save a bit. I think I will stick with the Mortar Max for now and upgrade in a few years. What do you think I could cut down on?
  6. Does it have similar airflow to the p400a? Also from what I saw there seems to be 3 fans are they rgb?
  7. Possibly though I was trying to save rather than add on more lmao
  8. I was going to leave the hdd out for now since I am on a tight enough budget. Sorry but the build you made is going way over my budget since I have to convert it to euros so. Any B450 board with Max in the name will be ryzen 3000 ready BTW. Regarding the case idk whether to stick with that as it seems to be very good and also 3 fans so I won't have to add extras. GN also have it case of the year therefore I thought it would be a good option. Went with the mortar to save a bit since it's close enough to the tomahawk
  9. First ever budget gaming build. Is there anything I could possibly save on? Will it have decent performance? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/8jVZYH
  10. Thanks for clearing that up hopefully it will reach. So the PSU should be fine in that case I take it?
  11. Oh alright that makes more sense, I was researching trying to find how long the cable would be and found this manual which shows the 550w dimensions if you scroll down a bit. It also says about the PSU form factor is ATX, is this related to the motherboard or case? I presume it means the case so there shouldnt be any issues since its an mAtx board right? Here's the manual lmk which cable it is since there are tons of them and tbh I have no clue which each meant thanks https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/TXM_Manual.pdf
  12. Oh so the CPU is the issue then? Or do you mean the PSU might not reach the CPU, sorry hard to understand especially when I am new to all of this. Will it even be an issue in the end? It's so stressful not knowing if I should go through with this or not lmao cuz I am desperate to build one yet all this seems like extra work which they dont really seem to cover in building vids since most dont build matx cases in atx mobos.
  13. How can I be sure of this though? Its hard to decide as I don't want to be ready to build and run into another wall and have to order them. I can't seem to find much online about this so it's really pissing me off. I will more than likely have to get an mAtx case or just get the Tomahawk
  14. So this is my first ever PC build I have been planning/picking parts for, for the last few months. I will be mainly gaming the occasional Netflix/browing/spotify. I know the Motherboard is an mAtx mobo which means it might look stupid but from what I see it won't make much of a difference, let me know if you agree in the comments or if you think I should go for an mAtx case, if so leave some recommendations. I picked the P400A because it seems like a solid case which has 3 fans so I won't need to buy extra fans which is convenient. Someone told me I will need cable extensions since the cables won't reach due to it being an matx in atx case. Is this true? [PCPartPicker Part List](https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/8jVZYH)
  15. Will it slot in like an Atx case or how will it go in that's one thing I can't seem to understand