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  1. id take the risk tbh but uhm how to i power all these?
  2. Hi I'm anjelo from the Philippines I'm new here and I'm 17 years old and also a fan of linus techtips, watch u guys in my free time ok so I'm not entirely sure what topic I'm supposed to put this into but I'm in need of help trying to somewhat make my semi potato laptop playable with some demanding games, so I have a Lenovo ideapad flex 14 (2014-2015..not entirely sure what year I'm sorry) with a i5-4200u, 8gb DDR3 Ram, 500gb hdd, with a GeForce 820m 2gb. So I got this idea because I really wanna play apex legends but as you can see from the specs I can't really play even after lowering every graphics, and so I've bumped into so many of these egpu and then found the "PCIe PCI-E V8.4D EXP GDC External Laptop Video Card Dock / Laptop Docking Station (Mini PCI-E interface Version)" and i was curious to see if this would be my answer to my problem. so i plan to buy it and use a "Radeon RX470P4L 4GB 256bit GDDR5" with it, im also not sure if my cpu will bottleneck this but pls dont judge me i have no experience in this kind of things, and my final question would be what kind of power supply can i use to make all these functional, anyways fell free to change anything to this build as long as i can somewhat play apex and be in my budget.......thanks in advance!