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  1. What would you choose for a pc in right now times (Not waiting for fall). And if you could please include the peripherals (A full keyboard hopefully).
  2. Would it really be worth waiting that long? like are game instantly gonna be using those or would it just be worth waiting like you said and see what happens. I have littlest of clue of this stuff so.
  3. 1. Budget & Location Budget: Max $2700 USD Location: United States =============================================== 2. Aim Main need from PC: Gaming Main Games: GTA V Rainbow Six Siege Overwatch Rust (Any new big games really, Not picky for games) ============================================================ 3. Monitors 2 Monitors. 1 mainly for the games then the other screen for Discord or looking up things. =============================================================== 4. Peripherals Any good gaming keyboard and mouse. Keyboard: As long as it is some like a blue but more quiet. I am currently using a RedDragon K580 VATA and I like its locations of all the keys (Ex: How the enter key is not massive). But like said before more quiet the better. Mouse: Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro...Whatever is most like I would do, I got medium sized hands (If that helps with anything) and I would like to have the side button like on the Razer Naga Trinity but it does not matter! ============================================================ 5. Why are you upgrading? I am upgrading cause my current computer (Made when Rust was not demanding as much) is getting worse and worse as time goes by. I am looking to get more into gaming and play with friends without having to think "Imma lag". I almost might wanna start heading back into streaming with friends but that is not the biggest want from this computer right now. ==================================== 6. Other Things Requirements: 1080p and preferably more than 144hz for the "Main Monitor" and 1080p but whatever hz for 2nd monitor. Not needing a MASSIVE upgrade within a couple of years (Hopefully) Case does not need windows. Its going lower and I won't constantly be looking like "Ooooo purrrty lights" Color Theme: Blue and Black? As long as its a nicer dark color and black, to not being straight matte black. Sound: Silent the better. Some noise will not be that bad (Like a slight hum) A lot of space so I can have quite a bit of "BIG" games installed at once. (Ex: ARK, GTA and Rainbow all installed at the same time) That is really all I need, Just note. I know the LITTLEST amount of things about what specs are good with others. I just know what is what. I will take any recommendations. (Note: Will not be built for a little. Getting a job soon and plan to save up for this to take some stress off of things.)