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  1. Ok I will definitely do that atm I'm in the dark, let's hope its simple fix thanks you anyhow man
  2. Yea I agree, the PSU seems fine it's spins up fine and everything is lit up. The lights on motherboard and fans spinning on my GPU and fan on my heatsink. It may be simple fix but I have feeling I broken my cpu. Ieft my pc for bit aswell to see if it would shut down but stayed on
  3. Ok. Cpu - amd Ryzen 1600x Heatsink - coolermaster hyper 212x GPU - Msi Nivida geforce gtx 1660ti Motherboard - gigabyte ab350 gaming PSU - cooler master be quiet 750 Hope that help Also thanks
  4. I tried clearing CMOS, I basically have my motherboards out atm with only plugs needed for cpu and gpu and ram, unfortunately my motherboard doesn't come with on-board audio so can't diagnosed it that way, it's worked fine for years before I moved my case. Could provide picture if it helps
  5. Ah sorry, I forgot to say ram is installed aswell, still same result doesn't display nothing but everything seems on and working
  6. I have tried all display port on my GPU still nothing,
  7. Hey guys, I today moved my pc from my old case into a new case it's went fine nothing I was worried about, but when I turn my pc on its powers up but doesn't display nothing I have no removed my motherboard and only have cpu, Gpu and PSU connected still no display have any trouble shooting ideas for me?