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  1. So the other day I upgraded from a 2700 to a 2800x. And I planned on using the stock cooler since I’m not doing any heavy oc and it has rgb. But the board I got was doa. So when I returned it I threw in all the new cables and didn’t realize I placed the cooler cables in there. But I would really like to customize the rgb but don’t have the usb cable for the fan so I’m stuck with the default rgb. Anyone know where I can find the cable I’m looking for? I can’t seem to find on amazon or eBay. Thanks guys.
  2. I have fixed the problem. Had to use cmos and everything works fine now. Thank you guys for the help!
  3. Yesterday I purchased the Aorus B550 motherboard as an upgrade with along side with my R7 3800x. But once I placed everything in the case I kept getting a C5 post code. Couldn’t even get any video through the gpu or motherboard. I was told it was probably the ram. So I changed the spots and used 1 ram slot. But nothing same error. I switched it out for some old ram I had and still didn’t work. The ram I was using for the build is the corsair vengeance 3200 egg. Need help before it’s too late to return/exchange