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  1. Yeet I'll consider it if the CPU upgrade fails. I just wanted to try before buying anything new. ^^ (BIOS is on latest version btw, well at least I don't find any newer versions.)
  2. The i5 fits my needs since I'm not doing too much. + I already have it here
  3. Oh yeah had a little typo, corrected Yes I guess I'll just try. I guess if it's locked there's no easy way to unlock it, right?
  4. Thank you for the advice, removed the link and added a png. And I'm glad to hear that.
  5. Hello, I recently noticed that I have an old CPU laying around (i5-4570) which apparently fits on the same Socket as my G1840 processor, which is build into my little office PC. We are talking about the Socket LGA1150. Since I'm not very familiar with Intel Sockets and Intel in general, I wanted to ask for some help first before I do anything stupid. I just want to switch the CPU's, that's it. I'll link the spec sheet to my machine down below, I am kinda worried that my power supply can't handle the upgrade since it's only 180W and the i5-4570 has a TDP of 84W compared to my Celeron G1820 with 53W. i5-4570: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/75043/intel-core-i5-4570-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-60-ghz.html Celeron G1840: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/80800/intel-celeron-processor-g1840-2m-cache-2-80-ghz.html
  6. Okay, fixed it. Tbh I don't exactly how this worked, but it let me flash the stock firmware via Odin and wiped out TWRP and CF-Autoroot.
  7. Yes, well at least I think so. I typed "adb reboot bootloader" in cmd, It asked me If I want to grant permission and then rebooted into bootloader mode. I only flashed TWRP to recovery via the App. Nope, I does not let my Fastboot
  8. Hello there, First of all I'm new here... So I hope this is the right category. ^^ Today I tried to root my Galaxy A5 2016 with the Model Number SM-A510F. My goal was to flash Lineage OS 17 so I can try some sweet Android 10. Unfortunately I was not able to get TWRP working in the first place... It failed after the bootloader mode, even though I switched on USB Debugging and OEM. So I decided to try it with Odin. But even with Odin and my device being in the download mode I was not able to get the TWRP image working. It simply did not install it (Odin even said it was installed successfully, but it didn't. Woops.) After that I tried CF-Auto-Root (https://autoroot.chainfire.eu/). Surprisingly this one actually worked! My device now was rooted. I then decided to give the official TWRP App a try and install the image twrp-3.4.0-0-a7xelte.img directly onto my phone. (I think this is where my error began, I should not have tried this right?) The installation was successful, but I was not able to go into the TWRP recovery mode where I could flash Lineage OS and Gapps... So I selected the "reboot in recovery mode" option in the TWRP App. The device shut down, but then froze in the boot loading screen. Since then I was not able to boot it again. Furthermore I was not even able to get into Samsung own recovery mode from now on (by pressing the home button, power button and volume up). The only mode I actually got working was the download mode, in which I also installed CF-Autoroot in the first place. And now I have no clue how I can get my device working again... I'm not able to boot or even do a factory reset (since I cannot even enter the recovery mode). My PC does not recognize my phone. Only when I turn the download mode on, but then I does not recognize it as "Samsung Galaxy A5", my PC tells me I have connected something different. What should I do now? Should I wait until the battery is empty and then try to reboot it? You guys are my only hope. Help would be greatly appreciated.