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  1. Can a (msi armor Rx 470) fit in a (Optiplex 990MT) I upgraded the PSU to 600w I did'nt remove the Hard Drive Cage
  2. its in the name of the card
  3. I have an Asus Mining Rx 470 4GB.When i Bought it i installed the Gpu and drivers got Display but after about 10 minutes strange artifacts appered and then blue screen of death after that no post,Then after 2 days i again started the pc but this time the pc booted everything was working fine but the same thing happened again. and now the fans are also not spinning when i use iGPU in the device manager it says "Windows has stopped this device because of some problems." I Used DDU Flashed the Bios
  4. Someone scammed me Gave me a fried gpu, So now i need some GPU and Benchmark videos to make the scammer return the GPU. GPU: https://www.asus.com/me-en/Graphics-Cards/MINING-RX470-4G/overview/ Please!!!
  5. yes I am using my pc with iGpu right now
  6. btw now my gpu fans don't spin everything is inserted correctly
  7. I have a ASUS Mining rx 470 4gb.when i first started my pc it boot with display but after a while random artifacts appered then the blue screen of death and after that no post but when i installed the gpu again after 2 days it got display and the same thing happened again. do i have to flash the bios, if so can anyone give me a vbios link or is it a drive issue or should i update my Motherboard bios i am using a active dvi adapter and the gpu only has dvi-d output Specs optiplex 990 DDR3 8 GB 800 mhz 600w psu(not from a popular brand) Asus Mining Rx 470 4GB(no post is it because it is a mining card)
  8. 1. It has a mining Bios 2. Download a different Driver 3. Your GPU is fried(Chances are low) If you have warrenty for the GPU Return it before it get useless for anyone<meaning>(Before you distroy it) And i also have the same problem but my pc don't post
  9. when i first tried to flash the card it gave an error saying something like missing id
  10. how to flash a card and can you give me a vbios link
  11. When i take display from iGPU in device manager it says “Windows has stopped this device because of some problems.”
  12. I thing my pc is too old for this GPU