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  1. Anyone ever have any issues with ArmouryCrate not loading RGB profiles when the computer starts up? It loads a profile that I never save, sometimes doesn't even load any profile at all and I have to start the program to get the regular RGB profile I use.
  2. I've tried changing DP cables and ports on the graphics card, same results all the time.
  3. No, they were both bought at different stores and times. The newer monitor is "darker" than the old one.
  4. I have two Asus ROG PG278QRs, my main display is brighter than my second display. They're running the same monitor display modes and running the same color profiles provided by Asus. The brightness on my second display is darker than the one on my main display. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. The only difference is native resolution, they're both identical minus that.
  6. 1080P on secondary, 1440P on primary which I game with. I have a 2080Ti.
  7. That doesn't work for me. When I go into the G-Sync controls and change the G-Sync option for on or off it sets it to both of my monitors. I can select the monitor like I should have an option, but it doesn't work.
  8. I have two ROG monitors, both with G-Sync. I want to disable G-Sync on my second monitor and have it soley just work on my main display. Is there anyway to do this? I'm tired of my second display flickering when I'm playing a game on my main monitor.
  9. It was the "Nahimic Service", specifically Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar. Once I uninstalled Sonic Studio and Sonic Radio my programs opened like normal.
  10. So I've decided to do a Clean Boot after reading something through search. Disabling all non-Windows apps has fixed the problem. I'm currently going through the last of startup applications one by one to see which one is causing the issue. As of now the disabling sound on start up is the Corsair iCUE program. But it is not effecting my programs from opening. Will update when I complete this.
  11. ROG Strix Z390 E-Gaming. I went into the BIOS doesn't look like anything is enabled that would effect power saving. After the restart I clicked on Google Chrome and it opened immediately. I clicked on TS3 and it opened within a second. I heard a sound that sounds like a USB device was unplugged, like if you take out a USB stick, etc.. After that sound the programs were back to loading slowly. Edit: I take that back, I disabled all startup programs and the slow speed of programs opening only starts about five seconds after Windows starts.
  12. Hmm, I don’t know about BIOS. The slow loading of programs occurs on High Performance and Balanced mode in Windows. You know offhand of any power saving options for Asus boards? I’ll have to take a look.