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  1. Quick follow up: IT'S FIXED! Here's how: in Users\ *username * \appdata\roaming\fahclient directory, there is a file called GPUs.txt. This is the list of supported GPU's, and you can't have a GPU slot if your card isn't in it. Mine was, but was removed. The 2070 RTX Super apparently has several variants, so I opened a thread on the F&H forum to have my card white listed. After a few hours, the admin let me know he added my card with the info I provided (mainly the device ID). Then I closed my local F&H software, deleted this TXT file, and restarted F&H. This forced the updated txt file to download to my system. I could then add a GPU slot in Advanced Control in seconds. There's no info on why my particular variant of the 2070 Super was removed, but it's back now, and my GPU is a furnace again. I'm up to a score of 89 million, whatever that means!
  2. Hello all, I've been folding since the Covid19 outbreak (at 88 million plus). Everything has been fine for months until a few days ago. The GPU started being barely used by F&H. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and now the client software doesn't recognize my GPU. I can't add it manually. I tried installing a couple older versions of F&H with same results. The GPU otherwise works fine. Any ideas? My setup is below, and all Windows and drivers are current. I also tried reloading Windows 10 Pro from scratch with same results. Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 ACE CPU Intel i9-9900k not overclocked GPU Nvidia RTX 2070 Super