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  1. Making bootable Windows USBs is a mess if you are not in Windows... At least, that's my experience. Maybe you can try to use a VM in your Mac and then make the bootable usb stick through it? I'd suggest using WoeUSB but apparently there's no Mac version
  2. Hmmm... Okay, thank you guys! I guess I'll just keep it the way it is. I was getting worried about the noise because I thought it could mean something bad was going on, but if it's just Coil Whine I don't really care! haha.
  3. Hello There! I built a computer around November last year. Although it works perfectly, sometimes when I'm playing I can heard "weird noises". So I was thinking whether it could be the PSU or the GPU... my bet is the GPU which is an RTX 2070. Here's the youtube link for a video in which I try to make the weird noises happen: https://youtu.be/PuwPCb8iY5Y In the video, I have Portal 2 open in a window and a terminal displaying GPU info every 2 seconds. You will notice that when the terminal is focused, the gpu's power usage drops and the noise stops. If I place the mouse inside the game's window, the gpu's power usage will increase, as expected, and the noise will start. I put my phone near the GPU at the end and I think it's more noticeable at that point in the video. Now, I searched a little and I saw that it could be Coil Whine... But, what do you guys think about it? Do you think the GPU should be generating this weird noise? Or... maybe it's the PSU? By the way, I've played a lot since I bought this in November... nothing major occurred but I'm kind of getting worried about it. Specs (don't know if it can help at all but): CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X (3.6GHz I've disabled that auto "overclock" because I don't think it's necessary). RAM: 32GB 2400MHz Motherboard: MPG X570 Gaming Plus (MS-7C37) (MSI) GPU: RTX 2070 (Gigabyte - Windforce) PSU: EVGA 750 BQ