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  1. Amazed as in ill be able to play Warzone at playable grapics?
  2. Would this be good as a starter gaming PC to add Graphics card and stuff? ASUS p8z68-v motherboard Intel i7 2600k 8gb gskill ddr3 4th HDD With Thermal take case and Fans
  3. I was told that if you already reseated everything that could be it & when you go to power it on everything "Powers on" but no signal to the monitor & you already checked the cable you are using & the ports.its almost always the PSU. Could be different for you! Good Luck!
  4. This happened to me & it ended up being the power supply. Faulty, replaced it and it worked fine afterwards.
  5. I have a Modem/Router Convo the SURFboard Dual-Band AC2350 with 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem now I also own a NETGEAR - AC1750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5 Router - Black Router would I see a benefit if I only use the Arris as the modem & Connect the Netgear as the Router?
  6. That's why i'm here to get help, I figured $400 would not be enough. what do you think adding a GPU to this set up bring me in FPS. Thank You for the Speedy Response!
  7. I am new to the whole PC everything, I used to believe that a Macbook Air was a powerful computer ( Drank Apple's Tea) Anyways I want to build my very first PC for gaming Mainly, I mostly only play Warzone & the Occasional RDR 2. My Budget is as Small as possible! & i'm not looking to get 240 FPS. I'd love to be able to play at 120 FPS at Decent Grapics as for I own a LG Ultragear 1080p 144hz Monitor. I would love to stay under $400 USD if at all possible not looking for RGB nothing fancy this will be hidden (well ventilated) I own 16 Gbs of DDR4 (3000Mz) Vengeance Pro (bought almost a year ago for "Work") I need Help with a decent Mother board that will allow me to upgrade down the line to a better CPU and graphics card. Thank You All! P.S trying to build it to get my hand on and in the pudding, not buy a Dell Optiplex, Stick a GPU and call it a day. Also I am in the USA! Prices in USD Please!