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  1. While I do think a used X1 could be better, I'd rather go new rather then used and personally I haven't used Eulktronics so they scare me a bit in terms of reliability as I am not the best when it comes fixing something if it breaks.
  2. So it has finally come time for me to move on to college and with the semester coming up soon, I was looking for something lighter since I will be bring this system to and from classes. So far my only real requirements are that I am able to do regular school stuff well, browse web pages, write documents, maybe throw some video watching and a bit of drawing as well. While I think I have done my research something is still bugging me. I feel that maybe there is something better that I could of gotten for school but I am still unsure. My price range is around 600$ although it is a bit flexible I'll say maybe 700$ max if there is something that is in that range that outperforms what I have gotten in every way. I'd prefer touch screen but it is not a necessity. I'd rather have a balance of performance and battery life although when push comes to shove I'd take the bit of performance. Currently this is what I have chosen: Lenovo Flex 5 14" with the Ryzen 5 4500U, 16gb ddr4, 256gb ssd Let me know what thoughts you have / if there are better options. I am totally open to opinions. TLDR: Chosen a laptop for college but unsure if I have a good deal 600$ flexible (+/-100$) price range General Use case (word doc, video browsing, regular college stuff) Touchscreen preferred but not necessary Performance > Battery (if it comes down to it)