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  1. I'm only a beginner in regards to the GUI version of Linux, I tried Ubuntu and Xubuntu and they both had the same issue. I just installed the drivers via the PPA third-party repository that installed fine however didn't work, I swapped the HD5450 for a HD7770 and it started and ran in multi monitor mode alongside my GTX 760 perfectly, however. It only has one DVI-D output so this isn't an option for me. It's a much newer card so I'm assuming the driver I have installed doesn't support my HD5450? Any ideas?
  2. @Sauron, I've installed arandr before however it's only useful when everything is detected. Could you give me a rundown of this driver installation shenanigans? I've tried to install the amdgpu-pro driver's however it complains that they're only for Ubuntu. I installed PopOS using the NVIDIA image if this makes any difference, I'm going to try nomodeset again today. EDIT: By any chance would using the nvidia-xconfig command and then manually adding in the Radeon GPU make any difference?
  3. @sp331yi, Just had a little scan though the link you provided and I'm not seeing anything about using BOTH cards at the SAME time to run DIFFERENT displays?
  4. I've recently decided to switch from Windows to Linux (PopOS). I'm trying to replicate my previous setup in Windows (Radeon GPU used for my two side monitors and the Nvidia GPU for my primary monitor), I use this setup due to a very limited budget and because most of my hardware is hand me downs or failed part's I've purchased cheap and fixed. I've currently got my main monitor and GPU working (Nvidia) however when I shutdown the system and plug my Radeon GPU in, it fails to boot with black screens all around. Booting with "nomodeset" used to get the system to boot but no-longer works since I reinstalled PopOS after many attempts and failing to fix this issue. I read something about setting up xorg however none of the documentation makes any sense to me, I've provided some information in the attached files however these are not with the Radeon GPU installed due to not being able to boot with it (I know this makes the logs essentially useless however it's better than not including it) If anyone could give me a hand with this issue, I'd be massively appreciative. I use my computer as part of my full time job as a Java Developer so every minute of downtime is a minute I'm not working. P.S: I'm a semi experienced system administrator however have never touched a GUI version of Linux nor any display manager such as xorg, so I'm fine with getting around linux via command line. lshw xrandr.txt