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  1. Good to know. Appreciate the inputs.
  2. Just noticed this today. Done a full scan like 2-3 days ago and the total file amount was 300-330,000 give or take but when i ran it today it was over 450,000. Thought it was odd but then i realized that its always been kinda like that, for me anyways. Is it normal for such a difference with total files scanned? I also havent downloaded anything recently to make the results change so drastically.
  3. I know this forum doesnt condone piracy, no do i. I bought the laptop like this and was just looking for information on what i was provided by the buyer.
  4. this is what he sent me on how he did it. https://msguides.com/microsoft-software-products/2-ways-activate-windows-10-free-without-software.html If you scroll down you will see the commands im referring too.
  5. So i bought a cheap laptop for a family member just to be able to keep in contact with everyone during this whole covid situation and was just checking it out making sure everything was working ok and when i done a windows defender scan is detected hacktool autokms, which obviously means that the copy of windows its running isnt legit. So i started looking around for what program was using and couldnt find anything like KMSpico installed. I ran up the guy i bought it from and he said he use KMS commands in CMD to activate windows. So what im curious about is if you use the kms commands in cmd , will that still cause an autokms hacktool to show on the system?
  6. Asuhh

    Fan placement

    I guess its just down to trial and error and see how it goes. One thing i had a concern about is the GPU not getting the same amount of airflow if i remove the fan but ill just have to test it out and see.
  7. Asuhh

    Fan placement

    So currently i have 2 intake fans at the front, 2 fans on a top mounted AIO cooling an i7 7700k (h100iv2) and then 1 rear exhaust fan. Im super sensitive to sound and i like my rigs quiet so im wondering if i can lose the rear fan and still maintain the good airflow? I also run my GPU in 0db mode up until it hits 55c and it idles at 45c average. The front intake bringing in cool air and then out the top through the radiator keeps my idles at 28-30c and ambient room temp is around 24c ish. Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated. My case is a Corsair 750D airflow addition.