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  1. I was using this GTX 1050Ti in a custom built pc for a while and recently, it's been behaving quite weirdly. Specs: CPU: intel core i5 6402p GPU: Nvidia geforce GTX 1050 Ti mobo: gigabyte h110m-s2 ram: kingston hyperx 2133 8gb storage: WD 1tb hdd So it was working completely normally and one time when i put the pc to sleep, it did not wake right back up and show the display. When I opened up the case, the gpu fan wasn't spinning(and the fan on this card spins as soon as I power the system on) My first instinct was to unplug and replug the HDMI, reseat the GPU, and even clear cmos, multiple times that too but nothing worked. The card looked as good as dead. I even tried plugging it into a different pc and it still didn't work. So i decided to just stick with the igfx. a month later when I tried plugging it back in just to try to see if it works, it did. the fan spun up and gave me an output and everything was working... until I put it to sleep again. well it didn't have anything to do with the drivers 'cause I installed the drivers fresh both the times and even rebooted after. yeah the same thing again, the fan didn't spin up and I didn't get any output another thing I should mention is that I didn't have this issue earlier and I don't know at what point it started since i wasn't using this pc for a little while well I looked it up and found that the issue was pretty common but for most of them the card just worked after a reset/restart. and turns out it isn't even a brand/model specific issue as in both nvidia and amd cards have this issue. but I didn't find a fix which worked for me. The general opinion is that it has something to do with the way windows puts components to sleep. the card is in somewhat of a "coma" it seems like so here are the things that I tried: Power plan: high performance with pcie link state power management off and fast start-up off. Bios settings: the latest bios, fast boot disabled,primary display output set to pcie, reset the bios multiple times