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  1. Literally just got all my games downloaded do you know if 8 gigs is enough to stream?
  2. Does anyone know if theres a work around to this because i would really prefer to not have to build my pc again
  3. I'm pretty sure its the slot then but is there a way i could make it work without having to get a new board?
  4. I did buy them as a set and ive tested both of them and they work in the first slot but the second i put the second one in it stops the pc from booting and the dram light comes on. I'm at a complete loss
  5. When i try to put my second stick of ram into the a2 slot(correct slot i've googled) it either makes it to where the pc just flat out wont boot or it'll load but when i check BIOS it doesn't even recognize the second stick of ram and ive been racking my brain because i simply dont wanna have to get another board because this pc took me a week to build. Any ideas? I need help.