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  1. Unfortunately I can't wait because the old PC I was using for such stuffs (a stripped down Asus Vivobook) left us, so I needed the new machine ASAP. I finally placed my order, I should have the whole bundle in a couple of days. Thanks everyone again, I'm genuinely impressed by the responses quality and timing!
  2. Ok I've done a bit of research and decided for this combo: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MBO: Gigabyte B450M PSU: Corsair CX450W Others: as before Case: Thermaltake H15 Another question, do you think I can go with stock CPU cooling or should I buy an after-market one? EDIT: I've now read about possible compatibility issues of the B450M with the Ryzen 3000 series. Should I be concerned about it or is something that has been solved?
  3. Hi everyone, it's my first post so I hope it won't go as bad as I think! I was thinking to build my first PC, which would be used mostly for Solidworks CAD and Open-FOAM CFD simulations, but I'd love to be able to run some games as well. So I've done some researches on the used market and found a bundle at about 160€ consisting in: CPU: Intel i5-6400 MBO: Asus Z170-K Then I searched for the other necessary components on Amazon and found these: GPU: RX-570 4GB PSU: CoolerMaster MWE 600W White CPU-Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 RAM: Hyper-X Fury 2x8GB 3200MHz SSD: Samsung MSI B365M NVMe M.2 The whole build would be around 450€. My concern is that it will get old quite soon, given the CPU being a 6th gen and the MBO LGA a 1151. Are these logic concerns (or even the right ones)? Should I "settle" for this configuration or aim for a bigger expense now to have a longer lasting configuration? Thanks everyone!