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  1. What the title says, on the "where do you want to install windows" screen, one partition on my, to my knowledge (bought refurbed), wiped drive is labelled "MSR (reserved)" and the other on is "primary", according to the 'type' column. I don't get most of everything on my screen right now, I'd appreciate any help..
  2. Ah, thank you. Thanks to both of you for all your help, and I'll see you somewhere in the next 24 hours or so with another question, probably sorryyyyy
  3. dang, interesting. I might try the 3470 as a stepping stone, as its relatively inexpensive. to both you, and @TofuHaroto, does ram speed matter that much? do you think in my build, with the 770, i'll need to be worried about having that cap at 1333 mhz if i go with either of the second gens i mentioned? also, tofu, what are some of those second gen CPUs who don't have that memory speed cap? I'm pretty dumb with computer hardware on a whole so i'd appreciate any help (also thanks for the power supply advice)
  4. yeah tbh im just not the brightest I don't think i ought to mess with overclocking, its my first build, and im on a q77 board, for anyone wondering. a 2600 is only like £48 so I might go with that. I don't have any budget I'm trying to stick with for the processor, just kind of hypothesizing as of now, but thank you guys.
  5. Title says all. I've already ordered an i3 2120 to use to begin with, but intend to upgrade it as soon as possible. My board supports second and third gen Intel, the three I had on my radar was an i5 2400 (£18), i5 2500 (£22) , i5 3470 (£22), but I'm willing to hear out any other suggestions. I'm considering the 3470 because my ram is 1600mhz, so, what i believe to be all, second gen cpus can't use that to its full potential. Thank you to everyone on this forum for guiding my step by step through this whole process. Best believe any issue I get while building, I'll probably come here to cry about.
  6. That's probably a bit high for me. i get i really shouldn't go for anything cheap with a PSU, but i'll probably keep sifting through some local sites. Thanks, to all of you!
  7. I did get those 2, but novatech had some of the best prices ive seen yet, honestly wish I had this earlier. Thanks man
  8. Thanks! I don't recall hearing the name novatech before, but they deliver to me, a nice change compared to currys, and are actually in stock, compared to amazon. Thank you so, so much! Ah- how does CoolerMaster's MWE550 Bronze seem? the 600+ units are meant to be B, and the <500 units are meant to be C (i believe. i have no clue with anything here, sorry), so where does that put this guy?
  9. Could you link me to the forum list? If its somewhere obvious, im sorry
  10. at least youre making me feel better about myself for missing that one, lol
  11. I'm good with going above 50, its just that was how much I had already budgeted in of my ~£200 mostly used part build.
  12. I WISH I could get those kolinks... I had a kolink core 600w on my radar and when i ordered my parts last night, the PSU was the last tab, and you best believe everything but like the <450w had sold out... I'm talking about UK here. If you do have somewhere I could get a 500w+, any 80 plus rating, for sub-£50, please let me know. This was my first build, I'd already planned all my parts out before getting that PSU swiped from me >:0 Thanks anyways, dude
  13. Is the CV550 safe and good and all? I couldn't see it on the tier list, but i think i might have been ctrl+f'ing the wrong keywords or something. Thank you
  14. Can't say you're wrong. Here's the meticulously crafted website, lol
  15. Though I'm aware its a huge overestimate, i was looking to power an old GTX 770, while making sure the power supply could last me past this one config, leaving some wiggle room in the future. I get I won't need too much more than a 500w, but I wasn't aware of any damages for going with (reputable) higher capacities, right?