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  1. Interesting, i’ll keep updating this thread until I find a solution and maybe it’ll work for you
  2. Yeah I could probably find a place. I’m glad that i’m not the only one confused by this lmao
  3. Unfortunately, no to both. My old system has an fx-series cpu so I can’t use that and my old motherboard does not have any m.2 slots so I can’t test my ssd.
  4. I first tried booting from the hdd out of my old system without lowering the memory speed. It still crashed a minute or so after login Then I lowered my memory speed to 2133mhz (still booting from hdd) which sadly made no difference
  5. I ran DDU on the clean and restart setting. Unfortunately it still crashes
  6. I’m not sure, I think that memtest86 is the stress test for RAM
  7. @Tan3l6 There are icons that look like this (! mark triangles next to them).
  8. What would an anomaly in device manager look like?
  9. I’ve tried each stick in both slots and the problem is still there. The only difference I noticed was that the system rebooted sooner (in the middle of logging in) with one stick of ram in slot B1 on the diagram.
  10. Sorry for the long time between replies, I was running Prime95 a second time. I managed to run prime95 in safe mode with networking for 2 hours with no errors. It is still unstable in normal windows I also tried disabling c-states which didn’t change anything so I guess i’ll reenable them.
  11. @Void Master I ran Prime95 and it only passed self test 480k before the system crashed (This was taken after the crash on a subsequent boot)
  12. @Nayr438 I have enabled XMP/DOCP in bios and set the frequency to 3200mhz. Unfortunately that did not solve the issue. To clarify, I can boot into windows, it’s just that the pc will restart/reboot itself without warning when i’m in windows. Here is a link to a typical example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wmcIyXVnh3K9aVC93TRRrbs5hPawtcP_/view?usp=sharing (the crash is at the end at about 0:38, but I put the whole video in to show that it happens pretty soon after login)
  13. @Void Master Temps in BIOS are around 38-40 degrees Celsius, and i’ll try to run Prime 95 in safe mode to see what happens, thanks.