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  1. Well boys I ended up ordering the mh752 that actually looks like exactly what i’m looking for, thanks bunches
  2. Just looked into it, doesn’t deliver here through amazon expect by some kind of shop or a person? No reviews so not really trusted and I don’t want to try my luck tbh as it doesn’t even have warranty (i get very paranoid over stuff) thanks for the recommendation tho I’ve looked into the mh752 and the only problem i’ve come across is that the bass is a bit lite and I listen to hip hop but I don’t think it’ll matter that much
  3. Also I play Mostly all types of games so something that doesn’t drown out footsteps which is a problem in my current headset and still has good bass and other good music stuff for some single player games i give my endless gratitude to you both
  4. Music type’s heavy metal, hip hop, and a bit of classical tell me if it fits the headset u sent i’ll check it out in the mean time thank you both
  5. Hello. I’ve been on the search for good audio for 4 months now with no luck. I used to always buy gaming headsets as they were quite good, but then got more into headphones which I really haven’t bought any of yet. So I’ve just been lookin around for a headset/headphones but haven't found any because the only good headset i found in terms of both sound and build are the hyperx cloud 2s which turned out to be real expensive here for some reason, and all the headphones/mic combos turn out without a warranty and probably with the same price or higher so I really need help rn my budget is at 120 us dollars please save me from this torture