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  1. Bump. I could really use any ones help that has a trx40 motherboard other than gigabyte brand to confirm if other trx40 boards have stereomix or not.
  2. i will try that. but it might just come down to getting a sound card. man i haven't used a sound card in 5 years lol. the sound blaster z by creative is a good choice if you are going to get one btw. i kinda wish some one with a different brand trx40 mobo would reply so i can confirm my suspicions and not have to return this and find out otherwise lol. thank you for the help so far!
  3. ive heard there all usb due to this chipset not natively supporting audio. that confirms that gigabyte boards don't have a virtual sound input i did try some third party programs. it works but audio is disabled wile using third party drivers. i wonder if msi, asus, or asrock has this issue too.
  4. Quick question: Does any of the TRX40 motherboards support a virtual sound input like stereomix, What U hear, etc. i have a aorus master trx40 mobo and i cant get any kinda virtual sound input to appear. hidden and disabled devices are not hidden in the recording sound device menu and trying new or old driver dont make it work. i suspect since trx40 run sound off USB that none of them have this option. please correct me if im wrong though. if you have a trx40 based mobo can you please check your recording devices and see if you have a virtual sound input. i need this information to either return this board for another brand or get a sound card. Thanks!