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  1. I checked, its real and PCIe slot changes don't work. The weird thing is that i can use intensive applications before it starts thermal throttling, but installing the drivers kills it.
  2. I bought a Gigabyte gtx 1070 mini oc used, it's fans were spinning upon first boot but after I installed and restarted Windows the Fans stopped spinning and it wouldn't boot any more. I tried reinstalling the os and using older driver versions but it still didn't make it past the post installation restart. Without drivers installed it works well, there are no artifacts or any other indications of faulty hardware, except the fan, wich spins up for a few seconds and then stops. Does anyone know a solution for this problem or is my card defective?
  3. Looks about the same. Do you think it can be saved?
  4. Hi, i was wondering if the gpu in the picture below would still work or could be fixed ?
  5. Hi, I need some help. I bought a Gigabyte 980 ti of ebay and have been attempting to bring it back to life, but to no avail. As can be seen in the attached images, the whole screen is filled with vertical lines. These show in the boot up splash screen and BIOS, attempting to boot Windows leads to alternating black and white screens with the aforementioned lines. Up until i updated my Mainboards BIOS i could launch Linux mint in "compatibility mode" with the graphical issues or without on what seemed like a lower Resolution. I attempted to update the bios (wich was working completely without artifacts), wich led to the BIOS being completely unusable because of a terrible resolution (also carried over to everything else) and Extreme artifacting. These artifacts can be manipulated by moving the mouse cursor around. Is there even a remote chance of this being fixable and what might the source of these issues be? Thank you for your attention.