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  1. M keyboard model is Gembird P/N: KB-UMGL-01
  2. So this recently happened while i was having multiple problems with my keyboard. First my arrow keys switched with my WASD keys which i fixed by using Fn + w. Then my whole keyboard started not working so i opened it up from the back of it. There were no loose wires and i didn't do much movement to the aluminum plate inside as to not damage anything. The circuit is looking fine though. Then i realised that i had pressed Fn + F11 while spamming everything which stopped all keyboard inputs. And everything was fixed but i realised that while playing Left for Dead 2 while holding tab the tab menu flickered. It happened after 1s of holding and it flickered very fast, like youre holding down a letter and it kept going. It stopped after i held down another key during holding tab. I think its a keybind that i pressed during spamming but i couldnt find anything on the web as to how to fix it. I need some help because its hard to play while all my keys are repeating