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  1. I just figured it out, kinda. Apparently, the integrated graphics is being used, so the cpu is throttling so the integrated graphics can keep up. I disabled the integrated gpu, now the cpu is staying above 3Ghz.
  2. It's just weird. I have had it at 95c and had it stay well over 3Ghz, but randomly it just plummets down to 800mhz.
  3. Just tried it. Thermal is still in the red. Idk why though. The max temp is 95 degrees, but the chip says on the intel site that 100c is when it throttles.
  4. I just took it apart. I cleaned the dust out, but I couldn't replace the thermal paste because whoever installed it, stripped the heatsink screws, so it's stuck. The laptop dropped a few degrees when idle, but throttlestop still says it is throttling.
  5. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 15IWL. I have never opened it up and cleaned it, but it is only a year old. I have also never replaced the thermal paste.
  6. My i7-8565u is throttling. It throttles all the way down to 800Mhz. I downloaded ThrottleStop, and it said it was thermal throttling, however when I run 3DMark, it never goes above 80c, but it still throttles. I tried undervolting the CPU to the most stable voltage, but it only helped a little.
  7. I have an old PC laying around and I was wondering if I could use it as a dedicated streaming PC. It has a i5-6400, a GTX 1050, and 8GB RAM 2666MHz. My current build I was planning on using just for gaming only. It is an i5-9600k, 16GB RAM 3000MHz, and a GTX 1070. Would it be better to use the old pc as a dedicated streaming PC, or just use my current PC for streaming and gaming at the same time.