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  1. I have 2060 super and was wondering if with the release of rtx 3000 will upcoming games be to hard for my 2060 super to run?
  2. Hi i just got a new gpu the 2060 super gaming x and its a dual slot card but its quite thick so I had to take out the WiFi card in the slot underneath it. I dont have the pcie slot cover that was meant to go there so I was wondering if because of this could my gpu pull dust from outside of the case or not? Sorry if this is a stupid question im just curious
  3. So do u think that as cards have gotten better coil whine has become more prevalent
  4. Wait u can change coils on a pcb is that not a one way road to your card dying?
  5. no from what ive learned its just coils vibrating in your gpu and it cannot cause any harm to your card so u have nothing to worry about
  6. Out of curiosity what are the ways that u can dampen the noise of the coils?
  7. Man I feel bad for u man that really makes me think an rma process for coil whine isnt worth it
  8. Sorry I dont really understand what u meant there?
  9. From the poll u seem to be one lucky person
  10. One more question as I'm not very good with this technical stuff but if they wanted to could this be fixed with a better quality coil or is it just inevitable?
  11. Yeah at the start it just scared me because I'd never heard that noise before coming from a pc so it just put me on edge
  12. Yeah ik I talked to gigabyte e support team and they said they wouldn't cus its normal but I just wanted to know if other people got other results
  13. I have coil whine on my gpu and was wondering what ur guys experiences were with it and if you've ever had it? If you have do u just deal with it or did u find it too annoying so u rma/returned it?